Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yes, I'm a part-time Baking Bitch.

I'm baaaaaaaaack!

Kidding. I never left. I've just been busy with silly things that don't really make sense.

But I have a post today!

I know, it's a big day. Mark it on your calenders invisable readers. Go ahead, mark it. YOU AREN'T MARKING. Y U NO MARK CALENDER READERS?

hahahahaha, oh internet memes. lolz

Back to post. Must write.


You may know that I'm an admitted baking bitch (hence the title).

Unfortunatly, the last week has been difficult for me. Because of the gosh-darn heat wave that basically makes it impossible to exist.

But I'm not complaining. Because it really annoys me when people complain about the heat. It's like, oh, excuse me. I'll just go and change the weather for you because it's too hot for you. Tear tear.


Bitching officially over. Post shall now commence.

So the other day, I was given the best gift ever.

A cupcake cooker.

Me gustaaaaaaaa.

Also, awkward peanut butter is awkward. He just wanted to pop in the picture and say hello.

The little cuppycakes were adorable. But I'm not good at taking artsy pictures. But I tried.


Good thing I'm not a quote on quote "hipster." Otherwise I would have to turn in my artsy picture taking degree.

But don't blame me too much. I was too lazy to go through and take a picture with my camera, download it, etc. Instead I just used my webcam.

I know, all hipsters that were reading just died a little bit. No old fashioned camera? No uber pricey professional camera that is only used to take pictures of forks?

Sigh. I just disappointed an entire nation of shabbily dressed, Animal Collective listening, fancy-ily hatted (is that a word?) hipsters. Oh well. I'll just declare my love for things that don't even exist yet and they might just forgive me.

Unless that is too mainstream...

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