Tuesday, December 14, 2010

so .... gosh-darn .... nerdy :)

Yesum, I am posting again :)

So ...... are you ready for a nerdgasim? Well get ready.

Two words -- EDMUND WELLES. They are this amazing bass clarinet quartet that plays hardcore, intense, extremely technical, amazing music. This is just one example of their pure awesome -- Creep by Radiohead, covered by Edmund Welles.

Just to explain. These people have a 5 octave range. You heard right. FIVE FLIPPIN OCTAVES. That isn't even possible. Look it up. I dare you. If you haven't guessed already, I play an instrument. I mean, I may have mentioned it (in my last post) .... but I play my beautiful clarinets, named Lulu and Clarence. And I have three octaves. THREE. THEY HAVE FIVE. I'm pretty sure they are playing higher than I can......

Anyways, I'll stop nerdgasiming for now. But, you (yes, YOU) need to check out Edmund Welles website at http://www.edmundwelles.com/. Listen to the music they have in the top left hand corner if you are in the mood for awesome.

Oh, and I know that I promised to explain my clarinets but you'll just have to hold your horses and wait until the next time ...

*cliche TV ending, screen fades to black*

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