Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ermmmm ... Happy New New Year!

So. I is a bad blogger. It's only the fourth day of the new year, and I already broke my resolution to post more. I haven't since this weekend. I am so sad.

WAIT. STOP THIS PITY PARTY. Okay, I've decided that the first week of the new year is the "get out of jail and/or broken resolutions with at least part of your dignity intact." SO YES. I STILL HAVE UNTIL THE 7th. SO SUCK IT NEW YEAR. I FOUND A LOOPHOLE.

Wow. That was more yelling/angry typing than usual. And you know what makes it more fun? (Of course you don't ... you don't know me! hahahaha sass :P ) Well, let me tell you .... Soooo, my keyboard is semi broken. Actually, it's not broken. It's just mad at me. Whenever I stop paying attention to what I'm typing (which is surprisingly often,if you can believe it), the spacebar goes ... "HAHAHAHA I IS NOT WORKING. SO SUCK ITTTTTTTTT AHAHAHA" Btdubbs ... imagine an angry, superior accent there. I'm not sure which one I would pick ... but know it's there. So yeah .....

Um, when I read that back, it's sounds uber confusing. I am sorry.

Anyways, I shall get to my true purpose for writing this post. It is quite sad. I fear, interweb, that I may have caught (gasp) Hipster. I am so disappointed with myself. I truly tried to avoid it! I really did! I mean, I don't wear mainstream "hipster" clothes (though that makes me sound more hipster). I don't listen to mainstream "hipster" music (oh my, I should just stop). And, I don't think of myself as a hipster at all (okay, I have to stop).

ACK. According to Urban Dictionary, Hipsters never label themselves as that. Why? Why must I be stricken with this terrible curse? (I know, I know, it's not actually that bad. I just don't like being a label. So there invisable readers.)

I know, you're asking, "But, how did you know?" I tell you interwebs, it was a funny story. I mean, funny for me. Over the holidays, I went over to my grandmother's house, and it was there that my Hipster finally developed full force. My family gave me post-its, leg warmers, toe socks, and music. While the beginning of that list is quite hipster, it wasn't that bad until I hit the music. I would be kinda mad that Hipster finally caught me, but the music is just so gosh-darn awesome that I can't be. Like at all. Alrightly ... I've kept you in suspense long enough .... My grandmother gave me ....



Okay, let me calm myself down a bit, so I don't keep yelling at my poor computer. (Btdubbs, I am so very sorry computer. I don't mean to yell at you.)

I mean, watch this video and you shall understand. I promise.

Agagagagagagagagagaga. Ear heaven ... and I now have 2 whole CD's worth. If that means I'm a hipster, then that's okay. Together, we can find a cure ... someday .... (imagined someone fabulous looking off into the distance ... it isn't me but still ... dramatic)

AND ... I also have more epic music. I have sooo much Edmund Welles on my ipod it's not even funny. My ears are crying pure tears of joy. Wait, that doesn't make sense ... whateves. I am soooo happy. (And if you missed my whole nerdgasim about Edmund Welles, click here).
So … lookie here! A real post! Oh my, I feel accomplished. Now I must watch Biggest Loser. I LOVE IT. DON’T JUDGE ME.

Wow. This is such an awful follow-up to my awesome quote in my last post. Oh well, I think you shall survive interwebs. You can do it.

Forever and ever your (semi) dutiful blogger ….

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