Monday, December 27, 2010

Blizzard oh-ten .... ?

What is crack-a-lackin?

I know, I'll stop using awful puns and one-liners. But its so addicting!

Anyways ... this blizzard. For one, yes I did get snow. But no, its wasn't a blizzard. We got maybe two to three inches. For me, blizzard status is only given when you get over a foot. I mean, last night was kind of scary because the wind was swirling everything around so it LOOKED like we were getting boatloads of snow. Nope. Just a little. Still, I love it. I love the snow more than anything. Right now I'm just kinda looking at it. And now I feel awkward because I told invisable readers. Awesome.

Other updates ..... for the last few days, I've had one really cold hand and one warm/normal temperature hand. It is quite strange. I don't know what I should do. For a little while I wore some gloves (2 because wearing only one would piss me off) but that just made the warm hand warmer! So there is still a difference, its just more awkward with gloves! ACK.

btdubbs ... I am overly proud of myself for posting everyday this week so far. (SHUT UP! I KNOW IT'S MONDAY! I WAS REFERRING TO THE WEEKEND TOO.) Stay tuned in invisable readers for more tomorrow ....

(yes, I know you can. just kidding :P )

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Um, so two huge things just happened today. I mean, huge for me. All you peoples out there will prolly be like, oh, she needs help and/or a severs redefining of what 'exciting' is. (I'm sure most of the people who know would agree with the second choice)

NUMERO UNO: IT IS SNOWING! And not just pliddly-dink-it-looks-like-someone-with-dandruff-stuck-their-head-out-of-the-top-floor. It's REAL snow! Actually, its more like a REAL blizzard! If you can't tell, I love the snow and I've been said that it really hasn't snowed (is that a word?) for real near me. BUT TODAY IS A FLIPPIN BLIZZARD. I IS EXCITED. The last time I remember a huge snowstorm like this was about 4 years ago, right after I had some surgery done on my foot and couldn't really walk. So no sledding for me that year. :(

BUT NOW? As soon as it gets more that 2 inches of snow, I am out there. I don't even care that the drivers (if there are any) will judge me as the pass my house. WELL ITS YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT! YOU SHOULDN'T BE DRIVING IN THIS WEATHER.

Yay :)

And the other big news (I did promise two things, didn't I?) is .... well, it's kind of creepy. I mean, I promised but ... fine. I guess I have to tell you. Stupid invisable peer pressure. So, I looked on my "Blog Stats" (because I'm a creep) and I noticed that my blog is becoming a bit international. I feel so awesome that people in other countries are reading my blog. I must make sure that my dear little blog doesn't go around a get a swelled head now. (I promise bloggie-poo, you are important, but not THAT special)

I lied, bloggie. You are special (to me at least). You had me at hello ....

Saturday, December 25, 2010


For all of you who have been living under a rock, it's Christmas .....

btdubbs ... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

But this year feels weird. Christmas seems super early this year and it doesn't seem cold enough. Good thing I'm supposed to get snow tonight! :)

Oh, and yes, I did post twice in one day. The earlier post was actually done a few days ago when I was in an awful mood ... but you can prolly tell. I didn't want to leave that meaness on the interwebs on Christmas day, so I'm posting again.

Also, forgive any misspellings. (I know, usually my spelling is soooo awesome -- sarcasim) I'm pretty sure their is something wrong with my keyboard, or my hands just have a mind of their own. I'm not sure which one I'd rather have. For example, I was trying to talk to a friend the other day and I literally couldn't type. All that was coming out where random streams of uninteligable letters (I know, I spelled that wrong but I don't know how to spell that anyways). I'm sure part of that was because my hands were shaking, but the other part was because of my keyboard, I promise. I've tried to reread my post to catch anything, but I can't make any guarentees.

Back to Christmas. :)

SO. Even though I love Christmas, I feel like passing out all the time. Every year my family has three Christmases. Now before you jump to any conclusions (HALT YOUR JUMPING PEOPLE!), every year we have Christmas at my house, then we go visit each of my grandmothers (1+1+1=3 YES! I did my math right! See Ryan!) But at each house, we have one huge meal and then lie around the house for the rest of the day. On Christmas Eve, my mother made a huge amount of Sourbraten and Spatzle, and I subsequently ate a huge amount. Then, on Christmas Day, we went to my Oma's house for Rouladin and more Spatzle. SO DELICIOUS. I'm pretty sure that in the last 2 days, I've eaten more meat than the entire rest of the year. (I don't like meat, except for special occasions) AND, we haven't even gone to my other gramma's house yet (tommorrow is the next food-feast). So yes, I is excited.

As a side note, I'm wearing LITERALLY the most comfortable jacket right now. I got it for Christmas and it's sooooo soft on the inside that I haven't taken it off all day. Anyways ... I promise I'll post more as my New Year's Resolution so all you nonexistant readers won't be left out in the cold. (hahaha its funny because it's winter)

I almost forgot! This video I shall post literally makes me laugh every time I watch it. And it fits, because it's Jesus's birthday. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself so I can justify posting this here :P

(they also have a Christmas version but I like this one better)

I'LL BE BACK (hopefully)

Hey Hey Heyyyyyy

Hey world.


I'm kind of sad world. You know why? Because of my music. That's why. (And believe me .... I hate ranting like this but it had to be done.)


I mean, nothing makes a song so much more awesome than when you hear it in the background of a Chevy truck commercial. I base all my music choices off of that. WRONG. NO. STOP. So world, you are no longer allowed to include Freelance Whales, the xx, or The Go! Team in your ads. Those are my things, not yours. AND, if you are going to use my music, make it for good stuff. I really don't want to watch promo's for upcoming awful shows on awful networks using some of my favorite songs as the backgrounds. FOR REALS.

For a recap .... if you do use good music or the music I like, make it a good commercial/a good product. Nothing ruins a song more than forever associating it with a Trucking commercial.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Youtube...

Hey Youtube?

I know we've had a pretty intense relationship within the last few years. We've spent hours together, and I know, sometimes I'm distracted and only turn to you when I need to procrastinate. But really? What is with you lately? Advertisements? REALLY? All I want is things to go back to the way they were. I don't want to try to listen to a playlist of The Go! Team or Bjork and instead hear something about insurance or Papa John's.

So yeah. I am not happy Youtube. NOT HAPPY. And even though I love you dearly, I may have to separate myself from this whole situation. It will be hard, but I can't take it anymore. If you want to work things out, let me know.


p.s. Who am I kidding. I can't keep my mouse off of you. I need you. Come back. I didn't mean it. We can work on our issues, I promise!

Saturday, December 18, 2010




Can you tell that I'm excited? (If you can't, I am.) I FINALLY finished my Christmas shopping (well, almost finished ... I still have one more week so don't judge me) and today I'm making Christmas cookies. So. Excited.

Anyways, I astually have a funny story to share with y'all. So, I was going to post last night and be all "hey look at me! I'm posting!" but I didn't. And you know why I didn't? You don't? Well I don't either. The last thing I remember from last night is being really tired and sitting in front of the computer. Then, I wake up this morning in my bed, in the same clothes, and really confused. Now before any of you make the jump to me doing any type of drugs/alcohol, don't. Because I wasn't. What I think happened is that I fell asleep and somehow walked myself up to my room.

I know, it sound impossible. But, I've done it before. When I was little, I actually had this bad habit of taking out my retainer while I was sleeping and hiding it in my room WHILE I WAS ASLEEP. Then, the next morning, I would try to find it. This even happened when I got my wisdom teeth out. According to my mother, I not only walked myself to the car from the dentist, but also from the car to my house, and then around my house before I passed out on the couch. I have no memory of these events.

What makes me kinda laugh is that no one in my house noticed someone sleeping walking around. I'd like to imagine that I made some pretty epic zombie noises as I walked but no one will collaberate that story. So sad.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

so .... gosh-darn .... nerdy :)

Yesum, I am posting again :)

So ...... are you ready for a nerdgasim? Well get ready.

Two words -- EDMUND WELLES. They are this amazing bass clarinet quartet that plays hardcore, intense, extremely technical, amazing music. This is just one example of their pure awesome -- Creep by Radiohead, covered by Edmund Welles.

Just to explain. These people have a 5 octave range. You heard right. FIVE FLIPPIN OCTAVES. That isn't even possible. Look it up. I dare you. If you haven't guessed already, I play an instrument. I mean, I may have mentioned it (in my last post) .... but I play my beautiful clarinets, named Lulu and Clarence. And I have three octaves. THREE. THEY HAVE FIVE. I'm pretty sure they are playing higher than I can......

Anyways, I'll stop nerdgasiming for now. But, you (yes, YOU) need to check out Edmund Welles website at Listen to the music they have in the top left hand corner if you are in the mood for awesome.

Oh, and I know that I promised to explain my clarinets but you'll just have to hold your horses and wait until the next time ...

*cliche TV ending, screen fades to black*

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I lurve winter

STOP YELLING AT ME! I know, I literally haven't posted in forever. I am awful.

I promise, I had stuff to do. Like sleeping or eating or .... I don't even know.

So guess what?


(I'm assuming that you guessed. Don't make me a liar.) So, I'll just tell you.... My Christmas lights are already up! I mean, technically, they've been up for a little while, but they are offically up with all the bells and whistles and I've finally had time to inform you, loyal readers, about them. So gosh-darn excited for the holidays! It means cooking and family and friends and parties and just awesome. So yeah, super-excited.

ALSO, other big news .....

High-C plus sherbert equals one delicious smoothie.

No, that wasn't my big news. Now that I think about it, it really isn't that big to you people (it's big to me). So I guess I'll tell you my kinda-big-but-not-really-that-special-now-that-I-think-about-it news. I saw the Homeless Advisor this weekend! (I know, gasp! I thought it was so exciting!) I didn't get to talk to him, but I did see his van. He was pretty gosh darn awesome. If any of you know the story behind this, you'll know what I mean when I say that it was awesome that he was even there. But perhaps I should explain....

No, I wasn't just creeping on a fellow blogger. (Even though I am a creeper, I'm not that intense) I actually performed a lunch he was at. I sang (which in itself should be a crime, I apologize if anyone heard me) and I played my clarinet. I know, the nerdiness is streaming out of me .... but I love her. Her meaning my clarinet, which is named Lulu. Perhaps I shall explain in a later post, but you'll just have to keep your pants on. Wait, that didn't make sense ...... Anyways, check out The Homeless Advisor here, he is a cool cat.

Until I see you again, ta ta for now!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feeling like a creep. Oh yeah.

Helloooooo out there!

I know, I know, stop yelling at me. I was busy! I promise! So whateves ... time to get onto my ranting :)

SO. Have you ever fallen asleep on the couch? Yes, right?

Now, have you ever fallen asleep on a stranger's couch. Not so many this time.

Finally, have you ever fallen asleep on a stranger's couch, and then wake up to find that person staring at you? Yeah. No one now.

I mean, normal people don't get themselves into this type of a situation, but my awkwardness just seems to permeate everything I do. I mean, come on. Things like this happen to me ALL THE TIME. But the backstory ....

It starts off semi normal. I get called by a new family to come and babysit. I wasn't busy, so I said yes. On the appointed day, I went over to their house and did all the normal meet and greet stuff. The night started off fine. We watched power rangers and read a story. He was in bed by 8:30 pm and I went downstairs to read. After a while I started watching the news ... you know all that stuff. I expected the parents home around 11 ... but soon it was 11:30. Then 11:45. So, I'm sitting there at 11:57 pm and I'm kinda worried. I remember that time exactly because all of a sudden it went from 11:57 to 12:06. Appartnely I passed out sitting up on this couch and when I woke up the mom is looking at me. Just looking. I mean, what would you do if you came home to this person passed out on your couch? It was sooooo awkward. We both kinda just looked at each other and mumbled things about stuff. I don't even remember. What made it worse is that earlier in the night I had said to myself, "It's only down the street. I can walk and be environmentally friendly!"


And that is how I ended up creeping out a poor innocent woman and subsequently looking like a hooker.

Sounds like a good Saturday, right?