Monday, February 7, 2011

Tjaere For Alltid

So I've realized that my New Year's promise to post more has become a wash. I have not. In fact, I think I may be posting less now than ever. ACK. I is sorry interweb readers. I shall try a bit harder.

But what to write about? I know! I shall give you a list of realizations that I've had today. That should tide you over....

1. I'm more motivated to actually type things that I should when I'm using pretty fonts. I've found that Times New Roman depresses me.

2. My right hand always gets really cold. Never my left one. Ever.

3. Going with the flow is so much more fun than I ever thought. And yes, I am talking about rivers (am I truly? guess you'll never know...). The only problem? Going so far downstream that you'll never make it back to where you once were.

4. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is addicting. That is all. I'm afraid that if I talk to much about it, it may draw me back innnnnnnnnnnnn ... help! I'm being dragged back to Renaissance Italia! (those of you who have played that game hopefully understood that sad excuse of a joke. heehee how droll.)

5. Falling down stairs takes skill. Especially when you've done it over and over and over and over.

6. Walking on ice takes more skills. I do not have those skills.

7. I am way too good of a procrastinator. I should get a medal for this!

8. The beast has been angry for the last few days. (beast meaning the monster pretending to be hair) I guess it finally realized that I cut it, and is now pissed.

9. This is the second list I've posted. And in a row too! Ack.

10. Ten is an even number. NUMBERS IS HARD. No really, they are. Trust me. We've had enough history together to know when to leave each other be.

FYI: I couldn't think of what to name this post. I know, usually my post names are SO insightful and daring, but today I actually had something witty. But it decided to go on and leave without telling me. So I named this after the song I am listening to right now. It is by Binarpilot and it's super freaky (yaaaooh).

And so, I shall leave you with this tad bit o wisdom:

One one was a race horse.
Two two was one too.
One one won one race
Two two won one too.

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