Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where are you, gender book?

Hey y'all ....
(I know, I haven't posted in a while and you were just wondering, How will I get my daily fix of bad writing and awkward quips? Never you fear, I is here.)

Not gunna lie, that last line made me chuckle. It reminds me of a nerdy superhero.

Wait, maybe I should explain the title of this post. When I say "gender book," I don't mean a little book that you write your gender in if you forget.

"Why hello there! I haven't seen you around here before! What's your name?"
"It's ___, and I'm a (checks small book) .... female!"
"Well isn't that special! I'm a ..... male! We should get together sometime!"
"Is that what ... females do with males?"
"I don't know! Check the book!"

Is it bad that I just got really excited over the change in color? Holy flying fruitcakes, I need to get more sleep. I just realized how that might sound to a normal person. Trust me, it was HILARIOUS in my head.

Anyways, my gender book is my agenda book and I want it back. It has run away from me again and I am sad. We have a very complicated relationship. I tell it all the things I do and basically put my life in there, but you know what it decides to do? It decides, "You know what? This girl is nice to me. Lets see how stressed and neurotic she gets when I hide for a few days." Stupid inaminmate objects. Always being mean to me.

I promise, I had more to say. And it might have actually been funny to the normal human beings that (probably don't) read this blog....But after that whole "gender book" thing, I completly forget what I was going to write. Guess you'll just have to tune in next week for the amazing adventures of THE MISSING AGENDA!

Oh my ... don't lock me up. I promise, its just sleep deprivation.

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