Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hoarding 101

Even though its late, and I posted yesterday ... I decided to post again (OH! look at her remembering to post! what a sassy-mc-sass-pants).

So, I feel as though I haven't been completly truthful with you invisable readers, so I must come clean. Let me just gather myself for a moment ....

I fear (look off into the distance) that I may have, (another dramatic pause) an addiction to .... socks. It's become quite bad. I actually didn't realize how obsessive I was under I finally cleaned my room the other day and witnessed the compulsion first hand. There were socks pinned to the corkboard. There were socks taped on the wall. There were socks hanging on the lamps as 'decoration.' And worst of all ... my sock drawer.

You see, normal people have a little drawer, or a half-sized drawer for their socks. Maybe they even mix them in with other clothes/undergarments. I don't really know, as I am not normal. What I have is ... a little bit weirder. I have a full-size, giant drawer devoted only to my socks. Thats all that's in there. And it's overflowing.

Now some of you may say, "Oh, that's a bit weird, but not that abnormal."

Au contaire my good friend.

You see, I don't have 'normal' socks. I have this thing were I can't wear white socks. Ever. I'm so against them that I think the last time I wore white socks voluntarily was maybe 6 or 7 years ago.

So yes, that means that the sock drawer that threatens to implode everytime I give it a dirty look is full of multicolored socks. And not just 'normal' colored socks. Some of my wide array include knee socks, neon socks, toe socks (adult and childrens, but I'll explain at a later date ... if I remember), slipper socks, shoe socks, fuzzy socks, and international socks. Another thing to note ... I collect socks from every country I visit, or someone in my close family visits. So I have Sweden, England, Ireland, Canada, the US, Alaska, and Jamaica.

And in case you were wondering ... yes, it does look like a rainbow vomited socks into that drawer. But I wouldn't have it anyother way.

Forever your personal sock hoarder ...

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