Tuesday, January 18, 2011

very truly souper douper sorry

I know.

I am a failure.

I have not posted in a week. Even for me, that's a long time. But in my defense, I have been busy with a capital Z. (hahahaha) So, I shall give you all, my invisable readers, a very special update on my week.

1. Bussssssy - ness. Wait, that makes it sound like I am buss-y. No, I was souper buzzzy. ACK. That doesn't even seem right. I seriously don't know what I've been doing, but appartnely it's taken up all my time.

2. I know I complained about this but ..... I had a hipster day. Well, not really hipster, more like pipster (poser + hipster). Even though I fail at dressing like a hipster, my friend is quite good at it. If he's reading this, he'll prolly yell at me later for exposing his hipster for the world to see, but whateves. So together, with my fail-pipster, we went thrifting and i found maybe the most wonderful sweater you have ever seen. It is black with ah-mazing green/pink/purple zig-zags. So purtyyyy (maybe not for a normal person, but for me it is). I am very excited to wear it .... I may even post a picture I am that excited. OH EME HEY! Then you, my invisable readers, will see that (1) I am a real person and not a computer (BEEP BOOP. I IS NOT WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM AT THIS INTERVAL IN TIME) and (2) how amazingly awesome this sweater is. The only drawback -- a funky smell. But as a fellow thrifter said "But the funky smell makes it more authentic." If you can't tell ... I AM EXCITED.

3. I am actually feeling a bit accomplished today. I went to an interview, hopefully didn't come off as TOO much of a creeper, and then came home and did stuff. Exciting. (not really).

4. I got my hair cut. (I know, I know ... even more exciting!) But for those of you who know of my hair escapades, then you know its a big deal. So far my hair hasn't flipped out, but that may be because it's still in shock. Soooo ... if this picture ever happens, then you may get to see. But I doubt it.

OH. And an update ... I officially washed "the sweater" and now it smells quite strongly of detergent to get all the yuckies off. I'm also going to admit that I love the smell of my detergent, so that may have been intentional ... but you'll never know ...

Forever your partner in crime ....

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