Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years .....

So look at me ...... posting on a blog. So unexpected.

hahahahahahaha. sass :P

Anyways ... one of my New Years Resolutions is to post more on the blog. Which is funny because I never follow my resolutions. So really my New Years Resolution is to follow my resolutions. So I guess my second-string resolution is to post more. Wait, that makes it seem like I'm on a football team and my resolutions are huddled around all pumped up and ready....


That was a lot funnier in my head. Oh well.

Yeah, so imma gunna post more. I mean, I can't guarentee the quality of the posts because more times than not I'll post uber late and make obscure referances that are realllly funny to me, but prolly make no sense. I can already tell, this is one of those posts. Whateves. Just know that somewhere off in the distance, I'm rolling on the ground laughing. NOT whatever the heck ROFL is. NO. I will not say that. Just all those acronyms annoy me. I mean, there are some exceptions, like btdubbs, lol, and asl. But really? You can't just say "at the moment?" You have to write "atm?" Seriously, I was talking to someone on Omegle (which is a dangerous addiction, believe me) and they kept friggin saying ATM. At first I was like, "WHY THE HELL DO YOU NEED TO GO THE AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE. I DON'T UNDERSTAND." And then I suddenly got it ..... and it was an awkward moment all around. So to close out this first day of the new year and this first post of 2011, I'll leave you with my favorite quote. Well, one of my favorites but whenever I think of this one, I smile. (Maybe because I found it in a childrens wizard craft book)

"If there's one last thought I want to leave with you, it is "Use Your Powers!" It would be a grave mistake if you never used the special talents inside you that are just bursting to get out. Everyone's got them.   So pay attention to the things that make you curious and give you happiness.  They're clues to your true wizard's nature."

--from The Book of Wizard Craft


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