Monday, December 27, 2010

Blizzard oh-ten .... ?

What is crack-a-lackin?

I know, I'll stop using awful puns and one-liners. But its so addicting!

Anyways ... this blizzard. For one, yes I did get snow. But no, its wasn't a blizzard. We got maybe two to three inches. For me, blizzard status is only given when you get over a foot. I mean, last night was kind of scary because the wind was swirling everything around so it LOOKED like we were getting boatloads of snow. Nope. Just a little. Still, I love it. I love the snow more than anything. Right now I'm just kinda looking at it. And now I feel awkward because I told invisable readers. Awesome.

Other updates ..... for the last few days, I've had one really cold hand and one warm/normal temperature hand. It is quite strange. I don't know what I should do. For a little while I wore some gloves (2 because wearing only one would piss me off) but that just made the warm hand warmer! So there is still a difference, its just more awkward with gloves! ACK.

btdubbs ... I am overly proud of myself for posting everyday this week so far. (SHUT UP! I KNOW IT'S MONDAY! I WAS REFERRING TO THE WEEKEND TOO.) Stay tuned in invisable readers for more tomorrow ....

(yes, I know you can. just kidding :P )

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