Sunday, December 26, 2010


Um, so two huge things just happened today. I mean, huge for me. All you peoples out there will prolly be like, oh, she needs help and/or a severs redefining of what 'exciting' is. (I'm sure most of the people who know would agree with the second choice)

NUMERO UNO: IT IS SNOWING! And not just pliddly-dink-it-looks-like-someone-with-dandruff-stuck-their-head-out-of-the-top-floor. It's REAL snow! Actually, its more like a REAL blizzard! If you can't tell, I love the snow and I've been said that it really hasn't snowed (is that a word?) for real near me. BUT TODAY IS A FLIPPIN BLIZZARD. I IS EXCITED. The last time I remember a huge snowstorm like this was about 4 years ago, right after I had some surgery done on my foot and couldn't really walk. So no sledding for me that year. :(

BUT NOW? As soon as it gets more that 2 inches of snow, I am out there. I don't even care that the drivers (if there are any) will judge me as the pass my house. WELL ITS YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT! YOU SHOULDN'T BE DRIVING IN THIS WEATHER.

Yay :)

And the other big news (I did promise two things, didn't I?) is .... well, it's kind of creepy. I mean, I promised but ... fine. I guess I have to tell you. Stupid invisable peer pressure. So, I looked on my "Blog Stats" (because I'm a creep) and I noticed that my blog is becoming a bit international. I feel so awesome that people in other countries are reading my blog. I must make sure that my dear little blog doesn't go around a get a swelled head now. (I promise bloggie-poo, you are important, but not THAT special)

I lied, bloggie. You are special (to me at least). You had me at hello ....

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