Saturday, December 18, 2010




Can you tell that I'm excited? (If you can't, I am.) I FINALLY finished my Christmas shopping (well, almost finished ... I still have one more week so don't judge me) and today I'm making Christmas cookies. So. Excited.

Anyways, I astually have a funny story to share with y'all. So, I was going to post last night and be all "hey look at me! I'm posting!" but I didn't. And you know why I didn't? You don't? Well I don't either. The last thing I remember from last night is being really tired and sitting in front of the computer. Then, I wake up this morning in my bed, in the same clothes, and really confused. Now before any of you make the jump to me doing any type of drugs/alcohol, don't. Because I wasn't. What I think happened is that I fell asleep and somehow walked myself up to my room.

I know, it sound impossible. But, I've done it before. When I was little, I actually had this bad habit of taking out my retainer while I was sleeping and hiding it in my room WHILE I WAS ASLEEP. Then, the next morning, I would try to find it. This even happened when I got my wisdom teeth out. According to my mother, I not only walked myself to the car from the dentist, but also from the car to my house, and then around my house before I passed out on the couch. I have no memory of these events.

What makes me kinda laugh is that no one in my house noticed someone sleeping walking around. I'd like to imagine that I made some pretty epic zombie noises as I walked but no one will collaberate that story. So sad.

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