Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feeling like a creep. Oh yeah.

Helloooooo out there!

I know, I know, stop yelling at me. I was busy! I promise! So whateves ... time to get onto my ranting :)

SO. Have you ever fallen asleep on the couch? Yes, right?

Now, have you ever fallen asleep on a stranger's couch. Not so many this time.

Finally, have you ever fallen asleep on a stranger's couch, and then wake up to find that person staring at you? Yeah. No one now.

I mean, normal people don't get themselves into this type of a situation, but my awkwardness just seems to permeate everything I do. I mean, come on. Things like this happen to me ALL THE TIME. But the backstory ....

It starts off semi normal. I get called by a new family to come and babysit. I wasn't busy, so I said yes. On the appointed day, I went over to their house and did all the normal meet and greet stuff. The night started off fine. We watched power rangers and read a story. He was in bed by 8:30 pm and I went downstairs to read. After a while I started watching the news ... you know all that stuff. I expected the parents home around 11 ... but soon it was 11:30. Then 11:45. So, I'm sitting there at 11:57 pm and I'm kinda worried. I remember that time exactly because all of a sudden it went from 11:57 to 12:06. Appartnely I passed out sitting up on this couch and when I woke up the mom is looking at me. Just looking. I mean, what would you do if you came home to this person passed out on your couch? It was sooooo awkward. We both kinda just looked at each other and mumbled things about stuff. I don't even remember. What made it worse is that earlier in the night I had said to myself, "It's only down the street. I can walk and be environmentally friendly!"


And that is how I ended up creeping out a poor innocent woman and subsequently looking like a hooker.

Sounds like a good Saturday, right?

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